Under the Dog

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《Under The Dog》是一部备受瞩目的原创SF动作惊险动画。这部电影由KINEMA CITRUS负责制作,讲述了在近未来的世界中,日本政府在东京沿岸设立了一个特别管制区,表面是做为经济特区的实验都市,但其实暗地在特区一所国际学校中,培养一批名为UNDER THE DOG (败犬)的特殊暗杀部队。这个部队由七名被称为Flowers的少男少女组成,他们各自拥有着常人所无法想象的特殊能力。

UNDER THE DOG替政府到世界各地执行暗杀任务,但队员们并没有作战以外的选项。一旦有队员想要逃走或自杀,军方就会引爆设置在他们亲友头部的超小型炸弹。这群年轻人被迫抹杀掉所有感情,持续执行着只许成功不许失败的暗杀任务。

电影通过展现暴力、恐惧、痛苦等情感,将观众带入到这个充满危险和未知的世界中。同时,电影也探讨了人性与权力的关系,以及个人自由和集体利益之间的冲突。影片中,UNDER THE DOG这个部队被政府利用为了国家的利益,但同时也扼杀了这些年轻人的自由和人性。这些话题让人深思,引发了观众对于社会和政治问题的思考。

总之,《Under The Dog》是一部极具视觉冲击力和思想深度的动作惊险电影,让人们对于未来世界和人性的复杂性有了更深刻的认识

"Under The Dog" is a high-profile original SF action-adventure animation. This movie is produced by KINEMA CITRUS. It tells that in the near future world, the Japanese government has set up a special control zone along the coast of Tokyo. In the game, a group of special assassination troops named UNDER THE DOG (败狗) were trained. This unit is composed of seven boys and girls called Flowers, each of whom has special abilities that ordinary people can't imagine.

UNDER THE DOG went around the world to carry out assassination missions for the government, but the team members had no option other than combat. Once a team member wants to flee or commit suicide, the military will detonate the ultra-small bombs set on the heads of their relatives and friends. This group of young people was forced to wipe out all their emotions, and continued to carry out assassination missions that could only succeed but not fail.

The movie brings the audience into this dangerous and unknown world by showing emotions such as violence, fear, and pain. At the same time, the film also explores the relationship between human nature and power, and the conflict between individual freedom and collective interests. In the film, the army UNDER THE DOG is used by the government for the benefit of the country, but at the same time it also strangles the freedom and humanity of these young people. These topics are thought-provoking and trigger the audience's thinking on social and political issues.

In short, "Under The Dog" is an action-adventure movie with great visual impact and depth of thought, which makes people look forward to the future A deeper understanding of the complexity of the world and human nature


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